LaRouche Movement at Copenhagen Climate Summit:

Stop the genocide agenda, and go with the LaRouche Plan

By Michelle Rasmussen

December 11, 2009

The following article will appear in German in the next issue of Neue Solidarität, the newspaper of the LaRouche movement in Germany

A small group of LaRouche movement organizers are having a large impact at the Copenhagen COP15 Climate Summit. We are broadcasting the call to nations to reject the summit’s genocical economic and population reduction agenda, and replace it with the LaRouche Plan for a new credit system to finance physical economic development of the world. 

Our impact, a laser-like voice of sanity amidst a massive fog of negative-growth brainwashing, has enabled many delegates to start questioning the lies they are being fed by the UN’s IPCC, and others, and is already helping to create the deep fault lines that have developed at the summit, which have increased the chances of preventing an agreement on CO2 reduction measures, which would literally kill nations and their people. 

Our effect is the result of the combination of our mass leaflet distributions, discussions with delegates, and interviews with world media, from our organizing station strategically located in the short distance between the metro station and the entrance to the conference; with the addition of our special conference website, and participation at an alternative anti-global warming conference. On top of this, starting before the beginning of the conference, we have been calling and meeting with embassy ambassadors and other diplomats.

Thousands of copies of two mass leaflets issued by The Schiller Institute, have been already been distributed: ”Global Warming Hoax Spells Genocide: Adopt the LaRouche Plan for Development!” and “The Anthropogenic Climate Swindle: Do You Really Want a World Dictatorship?” The new Climate Summit website, and have been advertized there.

Here are just a couple of examples of the responses we have gotten: One African delegate, who had read the first leaflet, said, “It’s amazing, and probably true,” and said that everyone is talking about your leaflets inside. Many are taking extra leaflets. We are also arranging in-depth meetings. A young NGO delegate from Kenya was very shaken by the revelations in the first leaflet, and wanted to meet with us to learn about what LaRouche stands for. The delegates from one African country, after several discussions, invited us to come and have a serious discussion about development with them at their hotel.

As of this writing, the LaRouche organizers have gotten contact information from about 90 delegates, who will be invited to attend a briefing by the chairman of the Schiller Institute in Denmark, Tom Gillesberg, on the eve of the arrival of the over 100 heads of state.

We have also had several meetings and many phone conversations with embassy diplomats, and some have agreed to get our leaflet to their delegations, and try to arrange meetings with their delegates.

Media interviews

In addition to denouncing the global warming hoax, the way that our organizing at the COP15 summit is intersecting the LaRouche Movement’s international organizing for Lyndon LaRouche’s 4-power agreement, may be seen by the media interviews, and discussions we have had with delegates. We have been interviewed by Russia Today TV, a major Chinese newspaper, ABC Radio from Australia, Kenyan TV, a French weekly magazine, and web TV, particularly from the UK, and were photographed by Reuters.

Russia Today, an English-language Russian TV program which had previously interviewed Lyndon LaRouche, broadcast a small clip of their interview with Sebastian Périmony, a LaRouche organizer from Paris, in a story "Skeptics Challenge Copenhagen Global Warming Summit"( After interviewing Lord Monckton, and before reporting on the Saudi challenge to the scientific basis for the meeting in the wake of the Climategate revelations, the reporter described the activities outside the conference hall:

"I spoke to Sebastien Périmony  from the LaRouche Foundation (sic) who calls the Climate Change lobby a cult."

Périmony: "We have been discussing here with a lot of people. It's like they are in a cult, saying that the planet will disintegrate, if we are not doing anything right now, right now, right now. And I think it's just propaganda."

The interview with the Chinese newspaper, to be published next week, included questions about the scientific evidence for stating that global warming was a hoax, and what the LaRouche Plan is. There have also been many lively discussions with delegates from China and India. Not everyone is buying the negative-growth agenda. Three Indians, for example, are inside with this slogan on their shirt:  CHANGE THE SYSTEM, NOT THE CLIMATE. They are working for a real, physical development in rural areas.

Intervention at global warming hoax conference

We have also been organizing the climate skeptics themselves, by participating in the Copenhagen Climate Challenge Conference, held on Dec. 8-9., organized by Climate-Sense (, initiated by persons from Denmark and Great Britain, with Lord Monckton on the board of advisors, CFACT, and NIPCC. There were speeches by senior scientists and others, fully documenting global warming fraud. (See their homepage for the list of speakers, and scientists who have signed their open letter to the UN Secretary General.)

 A LaRouche representative raised the genocide question after a speech by H. Leighton Steward, a Texan who is promoting the increase of CO2, food for plants, which increases food grain and other plant growth. ( He stated that reducing CO2 would reduce plant growth, and therefore cause population reduction.

 "My name is Michelle Rasmussen from the Schiller Institute and {EIR}, and I wanted to raise this population-reduction question with you. You said that the effect of the policies to reduce CO2 -- that can lead to a reduced population, [Yes, he replied] and I wanted to bring that up, because we are circulating this statement, by the friends of Lyndon LaRouche, the U.S. economist, that maybe the reason why the environmentalist movement is pushing for this reduction in the human activities, is purposely to have an ideology that would go along with a reduction in population. [He starts to answer] Just one more thing. Let's remember that Prince Philip, the founder of the World Wildlife Fund, said that the Earth is better if there were only 2 billion people. What do you have to say to this?"

 "Well, I say that a lot of people do feel that way, because I've read, and I've heard some people say that. Exactly that…. There are already a billion people on Earth who are severely undernourished. Associated Press said two weeks ago that a child is dying from malnutrition every six seconds.  That's their statistics, not mine, that's Associated Press in all the major newspapers.  So you can just logically go back and say, if we reduced the food supply on Earth by 12% [his figure for the effect of reducing CO2 to the pre-industrial revolution level], a lot of those people are going to die, because they're almost dead now.  And a lot of them will die because of malnutrition, lack of nutrition."

In a private discussion, one person said that he was appalled to hear a speech where the speaker said that the increase in population was bad, and especially the increase of poor people, implying getting rid of them. "That's Nazism," he stated emphatically. As he was British, he was warned that we are attacking the British Royal Family for leading the campaign, as the old imperialists, allied with the City of London-based financier group whose system is dying, which he was very open to discuss.

 Our two leaflets were distributed, and most of the speakers were given copies of the EIR calling for cancelling the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

  The eight more organizing days to come will surely intensify the LaRouche movement’s impact during, and after the summit.

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