Schiller Institute meeting with Amelia Boynton Robinson, 
civil rights leader and vice president of the USA Schiller Institute, 
in Frederiksberg-Hallen September 27, 2007.

The introduction by Tom Gillesberg (with a spiritual) can be heard here. The illustrations are below.

The speech by Amelia Boynton Robinson (introduced by one of her poems) can be heard here. 

The presentation to students at Øregaard Gymnasium the day before (picture above) can be heard here.

Introduction by Tom Gillesberg

Singing of "Sinner, Please don't let this harvest pass" by members of LYM and the Schiller Institute

Recital by LYM member Jenny Häse of Amelia's poem: "Dig a little deeper" (text below)

Coverage (in Danish) of the Schiller Instituttet i Århus Stiftstidende den 25. september

Interview med Amelia Boynton Robinson, vicepræsident for Schiller Instituttet i USA i Århus Stiftstidende den 25. september

Video recordings (it takes a little time to down load): 

Amelia Boynton Robinson on TV2 evening news September 22, 2007

Amelia Boynton Robinson on TV2 News channel September 22, 2007 (in English) windows-format

Amelia Boynton Robinson on DR's evening tv news September 21, 2007

Read her biography here:


By Amelia Boynton Robinson


It is easy to think shallow

As we watch the TV tube

Deeply drinking of its nonsense

Though all principles exclude


It takes no brain but sponge instead,

Absorbing what you wish

To fit your every fancy

Though shallow as a dish.


Have you thought of digging deeper,

In a mind that’s yours to keep

For ever and for ever

Where there’ll be no cause to weep?


Wisdom is a precious stone,

Is found by digging down

Into the precious mental cup

Where jewels can be found.


It takes a lot of thinking

In the quiet of the night,

Where angels gently whisper

I’ll help you get it right.


Just follow my instructions

Don’t be afraid to think,

God endowered you with wisdom

From work you must not shrink.


Just dig a little deeper

In the vessel of your mind.

There’s love for everybody

And compassion you will find.


There are also peace and justice

Confidence and self-esteem,

Grand jewels of all description

Good health you can redeem.


So, dig a little deeper

In the vessel of your mind.

Be sure to do researching,

There diamonds you will find.


Amelia on the TV2 evening news


Amelia is received by the Hans Christan Andersen House in Odense and receives a special tour by senior curator Ejnar Stig Asgaard (to the right)


Amelia receives a special gift from the Hans Christian Andersen House in the presense of Danish LYM members


Illustrations to introduction: