British Climate Lies

will lead to Genocide


Statement by Tom Gillesberg, chairman of The Schiller Institute in Denmark, May 23, 2009.

The May 24-26, 2009 Copenhagen “World Business Summit on Climate Change – Shaping the Sustainable Economy,” is part of the aggressive assault by the modern British Empire faction against the just yearnings for economic development of the nation states and peoples of the world. The conference is part of a series of conferences leading up to the Copenhagen COP15 summit in December, which is intended to upstage the already unscientific IPCC conferences, with Goebbels-like disinformation and alarmist propaganda, and under the pretense of fighting global climate change, and preventing a catastrophe in the distant future, set the stage for massive genocide in the short term.


Now, big business is joining the party, in the hope of getting in on the so-called CO2 cap and trade policy, the new speculative bubble that is supposed to replace the now defunct IT- and subprime bubbles. The guilty conscience of people about how man is affecting nature, is supposed to be traded into huge profits, by buying and selling arbitrary CO2 quotas, and massive investment into new “green carbon reducing technologies.” For speculators and investors, this is just another scheme to make a quick buck based on hot air. For people brainwashed by green ideology, this is a way of reducing “harmful human influence” on the environment.  But for the majority of the world’s population, it is simply a ticket to an early death due to the lack of economic development.


The world is already in the midst of a collapse of the global financial system, which threatens every nation on the planet. The policy pushed through at the London G-20 summit meeting – when Obama gave in to the demands of the British Empire - was to try to prolong the existence of the present financial system, by weeks or months, by sacrificing the population of the world. Bailout packages, in the order of trillions of dollars, are being paid out to the City of London, Wall Street, and other greedy speculators, and has to be paid for by drastically reducing the expenditures of most nations. Even in the United States, plans have been drawn up by the behaviorist economists in the Obama administration, to introduce Hitler-like policies to reduce costs -- “useless eaters” will no longer be supported by the state. Medicare, Social Security, and the like, will be severely cut, in order to try to balance the budget, and pay back the huge debt.


Meanwhile, climate change policies will ensure that the few investments that are being made, will not go into increasing the amount of useful food, energy and physical resources for the world population, but, instead, just produce a portion of the present consumption at a vastly greater cost to society, due to all the investments required to reduce CO2, and save energy. The result will be a drastic increase in mortality rates around the world, as weaker people are sacrificed. Through increasing starvation, chaos, and disintegration, new pandemics, such as swine flu, will spread, reducing the world population from the present 6.7 billion, to maybe just two billion, at a not too distant point in the future.


While this is a shocking thought to most people, not so to the founder of the WWF, British Prince consort Phillip, to British Crown Prince Charles, or British agent Al Gore. They welcome it, and have the openly stated policy of reducing the world’s population to this “more sustainable level” of two billion. Remember Prince Phillip’s published statement that he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus, in order to kill as many people as possible. Or British agent Henry Kissinger’s then-secret National Security Study Memorandum 200 from 1975, which recommended reducing the population of populous nations, in order to protect their resources for later use by the English speaking peoples. The modern British Empire has now decided to use the cloak of climate change policies to obtain their Malthusian objectives. (Note that the Empire is not run by the British people to their advantage, but by the kind of private international financial interests that earlier ran the official British Empire through private multinational corporations.)


For a long time, the British, and their puppets, such as the U.S. Bush-administration, and the Danish Fogh-administration, had been busy waging wars, and weakening the power of nation-states, through the myth of the benefits of the free trade and globalization policy pushed by the speculative financial markets in London and on Wall Street. That myth has collapsed, along with the global financial system, and now they are trying to preempt the demand for establishing a New Bretton Woods international credit system, based on cooperation between nation-states, as put forward by American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche. Instead, they are attempting to make austerity and climate change the focus of the Obama-administration, and other governments, hoping to thereby prevent a Franklin D. Roosevelt-like U.S.-led global New Deal.


The Danish government, and others mobilizing for the December climate summit in Copenhagen, are either consciously acting in the long British tradition of anti-human Malthusianism, or are useful idiots being used for that purpose. There was never any valid scientific documentation proving man-made warming of the planet due to CO2, or anything else. On the contrary, Danish scientists, such as Henrik Svensmark from the Danish Space Research Center, have proven that solar activity, not human activity, is the main factor in the Earth’s changing climate (as can be seen at Other research shows that an increase in CO2 cannot create the negative effects being claimed (see Cap and Trade is Genocide).


But, even if one thinks that man’s activities could be involved in global climate change, and that there were effects such as rising sea levels in the world, it is a criminal policy to spend huge resources on reducing man-made emission of CO2, for instance, by reducing electricity consumption, or massive investments in windmills and solar panels. Besides destroying the environment, they are expensive and inefficient technologies, and increase the cost of eating and living on this planet – a policy which leads to genocide against the poorer people of the world, due to the lack of available resources to provide for all 6.7 billion people on the Earth.


Only the uniquely human ability to create new scientific and technological breakthroughs, such as nuclear fission and fusion power, can provide the energy and resources needed to feed and clothe the world’s population. But that is not the agenda being put forward by British agent Al Gore, Prince Charles, Gordon Brown, and the architect of the Iraq war, Tony Blair. Instead, they hope that the December Copenhagen Climate summit will be the event where the whole world will be forced to adopt anti-human policies in the name of preventing climate change.


Don’t let the British fool you into aiding and abetting genocide. Get smart, quick – before it’s too late. All the information you need is at and


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