LYM Cadre school Sjællands Odde, Denmark, May 9-12, 2008

May 9-12, 2008, the Copenhagen chapter of LYM held a cadre school in a borrowed summer house at Sjællands Odde, Denmark.

We were 20 persons that participated in an exiting and intens discussion during that weekend.   Leni Rubinstein visited from Los Angeles as a specially invited speaker and the President of the Schiller Institute in Denmark, Tom Gillesberg, also participated and gave a presentation.

Lyndon LaRouche made a presentation by phone.

There also was a LYM panel on geometry by Feride Istogu Gillesberg, Peter Møller, Christina Bruun Jensen and Benjamin Lylloff and reading of Schillers writing on why we study Universal history. And of course lots of singing practice, music, intense work and discussions.

Listen to the presentations:

Political briefing on the US situation and LYM by Leni Rubinstein

Presentation on Joan of Arc by Leni Rubinstein

LYM panel on the study of Kepler and Geometry

Presentation and phone discussion with Lyndon LaRouche

What does it mean to be a Human Being? by Tom Gillesberg


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