International Cadre School in Copenhagen March 17-19,  2006


From the Crusades to the Renaissance: "The Earth's next 50 Years". 

International Cadre School arranged By LaRouche Youth Movement, LYM.

The science of Nuclear Energy part 1 - by Jonathan Tennenbaum 

The science of Nuclear Energy part 2 - by Jonathan Tennenbaum



Youth Panel: Why the Economist can't see the Crash  - by Peter Møller from LYM




Youth Panel: Physical Economy versus Psuedo Economy - by James Rea from LYM


The Earth's next 50 Years: The creation of new resources - by Jonathan Tennenbaum

The Humboldt Education System - by Rosa Tennenbaum 


Youth Panel: Why does the youth movement sing? - by Kel Isherwood and Christina Bruun Jensen from LYM.



From the Crusades to a Renaissance - by Tom Gillesberg