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Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann's 200th birthday in 2010:


Frauenliebe- und Leben concert in Copenhagen, Nov. 26, 2010


Robert and Clara Schumann, and their teacher, Johann Sebastian Bach


Lecture with musical examples illustrating the above article


Lecture/discussion about H.C. Andersen's poems 


 set to music by Robert Schumann

 Johann Sebastian Bach  

- The Musical Offering -


A Musical Pedagogical Workshop By J.S. Bach,


 The Musical Geometry of Bach's Puzzle Canons


Foredrag om Bachs kanoner

 Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart  

Mozart, Bach, and the 'Musical Midwife'

 Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven - Seufzer eines Ungeliebten & Gegenliebe



András Schiff's Lectures about Beethoven's 32 Piano Sonatas


Norbert Brainin (Amadeaus Quartet's primarius)

masterclass about motivfuehrung (motivic thorough development) in Beethoven's string quartets

 Wilhelm Furtwängler Furtwänglerprincippet: At trodse de sansebaserede erfaringers slaveri
    Werner Hartmann's musical compositions