International Webcast med Lyndon LaRouche: Lørdag, 28. december, 2013 kl. 01.00 dansk tid

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International Webcast:

Friday Webcast

Lyndon LaRouche, Founder of LaRouche PAC and Executive Intelligence Review

Begins: 27 December 2013 // 8 PM Eastern

Thanks for arriving early! The webcast will be broadcast on this page starting shortly before 8pm EST.

Adobe Flash Player, Mobile and Tablet Compatible, and Windows Media Streams

Today's webcast will be offered in three formats. The first, and most common will be the embedded Adobe Flash player streams, which will be enabled on this page shortly before 8pm. Additionally, we will offer a link for mobile and tablet devices. Finally, we will be providing our legacy Windows Media Streams, as we have done in the past. A PC with at least Windows Media Player 9 will be required to watch the Windows Media Streams.