Peter Munk Jensen fra DIIS afslører højre-ekstremisternes rolle i Ukraines nye regering på P1

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1. 5-minutter-lang optagelse: mp3

2. Det samme fra P1 Morgens side:

    Indslaget om Ukraines højre-ekstremister begynder på 2 timer og 1 minutter. Klik her.


Nedestående engelske rapport om indslaget er sendt til Schiller Instituttets internationale samarbejdspartere, til orientering:


Leading Danish think-tank exposes right-wing extremist role in Ukraine


COPENHAGEN, March 12, 2014 (EIRNS) – Peter Munk Jensen, senior analyst from DIIS (The Danish Institute for International Studies), the leading strategic think-tank in Denmark, was interviewed for 5 minutes on P1, the main national talk-show channel this morning, about the major role right-wing extremists are playing during the seizure of power, and in the new Ukrainian government. Half of the government ministers are members of Svoboda, the Right Sector and the Ukrainian National Coalition. They are against foreigners, Jews, non-Ukrainian languages, and are “closely related to Nazi and fascist ideology, using their symbols.” A lot of things from the “brown swamp.” They also want Ukraine to join NATO.

Look at Ukrainian history. There has been a right-wing nationalist foundation in west Ukraine. During WWII, people from west Ukraine “fought on the German side, joining the Waffen SS.” In the latest local elections, Svoboda got up 30-40% in some sections of west Ukraine, but no more than 1% in the east.

He said that Russia, in its propaganda about the right-extremists groups, is playing on the deep fear of Nazism and fascism in the population, especially those who remember Hitler’s march across the country, and mishandling the people. 

“We have not had very much focus on what is going on in Ukraine, with the rise of the right-wing. We are busy speaking about the Russian invasion, and the economic crisis.

“Host: We have spoken a lot about who was on our side, and who wasn’t. It is, among others, all the right-wing extremists who are.

“Yes, you can say that. You could almost say that we are embracing them by opening EU up now for economic agreements, and political association agreements, which Yanokovich rejected….”

The host listed the European right-wing extremist groups which Svoboda is linked to. Earlier this morning we heard that members of the Swedish right-wing party, The Swedish Party, went to help in the fighting on the Maidan.

That is probably correct, and there are probably also members of other European right-wing parties who participated in the fighting on the Maidan. “It was the Right Sector, which now has two members in the government, who were at the very forefront of the barricades, including members who had received military training for 2-3 years in military training camps. They are extremely disciplined and militant, and were in the very forefront during the fighting with Yanukovich’s Interior Ministry’s troops.” [mr_]