Schiller Instituttet demonstrerer imod Anders Fogh Rasmussen: Lad ikke Foghs nye løgne føre til atomkrig med Rusland (eng.)

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Der er en dansk oversættelse.


Schiller Institute in Denmark Demonstration Against NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen


COPENHAGEN, Aug. 15. 2014 -- NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who conducted an official visit to Denmark today, to try to get the Danes to back up his war policy against Russia, was confronted in his home country by a small, but effective, Schiller Institute demonstration, both as his cortege drove in, and drove out of the Danish Foreign Ministry. He had to pass by a giant banner reading, “Don’t let Fogh’s new lies lead to nuclear war with Russia.” The demonstrators were constantly speaking or singing with a megaphone, insisting that he, personally, should be held responsible for a policy that is leading the world towards nuclear war. 

A special statement by chairman Tom Gillesberg was distributed, which called on Denmark to not back up the Rasmussen-Cameron-Obama war policy, on behalf of the City of London/Wall St. financial oligarchs, but, instead,  align itself with the coming BRICS new world economic order. The statement stated that Rasmussen lied to get Denmark into the Iraq war, and he is lying again about the Russians being responsible for shooting down MH17, and Russia wanting to invade its neighbors, in order to escalate military confrontation with Russia, which could lead to nuclear war.

Fogh Rasmussen had come to the Foreign Ministry to meet the Danish Defense Minister, and speak to the international press about Ukraine, and the upcoming NATO summit, urging Denmark to increase their defense budget.

Three international journalists came over to the demonstration.  A journalist from a leading Russian media outlet, and a Turkish journalist both promised to cover the demonstration, and a Chinese photographer took pictures.

Though the demonstration was called on very short notice, The Schiller Institute in Denmark succeeded in insuring that Fogh Rasmussen, the international press, Foreign Ministry staff, and Danish citizens were confronted with opposition to his war policy. [mr_]