Schiller Institute & EIR Diplomatic Seminar - December 8, 2011. Stop WWIII, the Middle East is the new Balkans.

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Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) and The Schiller Institute
Diplomatic Seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark

On December 8, 2011 the EIR Copenhagen office held a diplomatic seminar with the title:

Stop World War III: The Middle East is the New Balkans

Tom Gillesberg, Chairman of The Schiller Institute in Denmark, and Bureau Chief for EIR in Copenhagen, held an introductory presentation that was recorded.


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Seminar Invitation:


The Middle East is the New Balkans

Information: +45 35 43 00 33, or

On October 29, 2011, based on the accelerating collapse of the transatlantic financial system (as seen in the disintegration of the Euro system), and strategic assessments, American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche issued a warning that the world was careening toward WWIII. He warned that conflicts in the entire Middle East, and especially military attacks on Iran or Syria, were to serve as the pretext for setting off a world war, especially targeting Russia and China. LaRouche called for U.S. President Obama to be constitutionally removed from office, to prevent the U.S. military being used for such purposes.

This set into motion an international mobilization to prevent the combination of the City of London-centered financial elite, and the old British Empire faction, from succeeding.

One month later, on November 30, as a part of his statement after the U.S./NATO bombing of Pakistani soldiers, LaRouche stated:

"The point is, what you're dealing with: the issue is thermonuclear weapons. It's a strategic blast intending to destroy the entirety of everything that's viable, in terms of industrial capability and similar capabilities in the entire Asia region. What they were planning to do, which in a sense we were able to spoil, because some U.S. military took a stand on some of these things -- but the intention was to go directly, immediately, from coming out of Libya, into a pre-emptive thermonuclear attack on Asia. And all parts of Asia that have any kind of technology in them, are going to be wiped out.

"Now that was delayed, and it gets complicated because in the mean time, with the bombs not thrown yet, you have Europe is now disintegrating, because the bailout system in Europe is now disintegrating.”

And, no antidote for the disintegration of the Euro system were likely to work before the decisive December 9 European Summit.

In addition to Mr. LaRouche, other leading figures have warned against the dangers military attacks would lead to. In Europe, the Danish Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal stated on November 10, “I want to, as strongly as I can, warn against bombing Iran. It will be an extremely dangerous adventure, and Denmark will not participate under any circumstances.” He also warned that a military attack on Iran ”will unleash a lot of dangerous forces in the Middle East and other parts of the world.” A week later, Søvndal said that calls for military action against Syria or Iran were “dangerous ravings.” There are still too few nations in Europe which have openly rejected the path leading to disaster, as Denmark has done.

While military attacks against Iran and Syria have been delayed, the danger of world war is not over. Indications include:

The Chinese press has warned that a direct confrontation between the Russian naval force soon on its way to the Eastern Mediterranean, explicitly dispatched to make a show of force against military attacks on Iran or Syria, and the U.S. battle ship George H.W. Bush, could have catastrophic consequences.

Iran has threatened to bomb Turkish NATO bases if they are bombed.

Russian President Medvedev has warned that Russia will point missiles against European-based anti-missile defense installations, if she were not given assurances that they were not directed against Russia.

The unexplained U.S./NATO attack on Pakistani military posts has inflamed that region.

The EIR/Schiller Institute seminar will elucidate the underlying causes for the buildup towards war, and point towards a strategy to both prevent world war, and initiate an era of peaceful cooperation to rebuild the world economy.

We hope that you, or a member of the embassy staff, will be able to attend.


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