EIR raises Obama impeachment resolution at EU press conference with Villy Søvndal and Lady Ashton

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EIR's quesiton begins at 2:23 minutes. >

COPENHAGEN, Mar. 10, 2012 (EIRNS) – EIR raised the newly-introduced U.S. Congressional resolution which threatens Pres. Obama with impeachment if he disregards the War Powers Act, at today’s press conference after the informal “Gymnich” EU foreign minister meeting in Copenhagen. The press conference was held by Danish Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal (as Denmark currently holds the EU presidency) and EU foreign policy representative Lady Ashton. >

This was the exchange: >

“Michelle Rasmussen, Executive Intelligence Review, Washington. There have been increasing calls for military action in both Iran and in Syria. On the other hand, there have been increasing calls for blocking such an action, including a resolution that was just put into the U.S. Congress, saying that if President Obama did not go along with the War Powers Act, that he would be libel for impeachment. And there have just been calls from Lord West and the Israeli former Mossad chief. So the question is, to both Foreign Minister Søvndal and Lady Ashton, have you discussed working more with the factions trying to go for a political solution, or are you going along with the drumbeat for a military solution? >

Danish Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal: “There has been no discussion of a military solution neither in Iran or in Syria. We are following the political road. We are continuing to strengthen the things we do. And if I should sum up, the first step has been sanctions. We’ve discussed that, and will strengthen that, and will keep doing that as an alternative to a military way. We have asked the opposition to be more gathered, and to be more clear about what to expect if they take over, because we think it is needed, both for the Syrian population, if they still have a broader approach, and it is needed for all of us. And then we will use the opportunity with Kofi Annan’s visit to Damascus, to put maximum pressure not only on the regime, but also on Russia and China to play a more active role in what is going on. That is the path we are following as far as Syria is concerned. >

“As for Iran, we are waiting to see if they want to deliver anything through the negotiating table and open up for inspections, and that’s what Lady Ashton is in front of in the coming days. >

Lady Ashton: “… the road we are taking is the political solution. The Security Council is important. We have asked Russia and China, if you like, to consider the possibility in the Security Council to support a resolution that would move us forward with Syria, and recognize, what we have recognized a long time ago in the EU, which is that you cannot remain a leader and commit mass murder against your people, and that there’s no question that Assad should stand aside [inaudible] that would enable people to live in freedom, democracy and without the fear of terror and murder of themselves or their loved ones. >

“In terms of Iran, my role will be to lead the negotiations with Dr. Jalili [Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili-mr], who is my counterpart. It is very clear what we are seeking to do. My mandate is from the security council. With me are the 5+1 [inaudible] Russia, China, U.S. U.K., Germany France on the political director level. They will be there to support throughout, and our purpose is to persuade Iran to move away from its nuclear weapons program. It’s one purpose, and one purpose alone. And we hope from the contacts we have had, that this process can move forward swiftly and seriously.” >

This exchange took place as The Schiller Institute in Denmark and The Danish-Syrian Friendship Association held a “Stop WWIII” demonstration at the City Hall square