Webcast med Helga Zepp-LaRouche, den internationale formand for Schiller Instituttet, og Jacques Cheminade, fhv. franske præsidentkandidat, søndag den 8. juli kl 17

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Webcast søndag den 8. juli kl. 17


Se den kommende webcast med Helga Zepp-LaRouche, den international formand for Schiller Instituttet og

Jacques Cheminade, fhv. fransk præsidentkandidat:

Søndag den 8. juli kl 17 på:

www.bueso.de og www.larouchepac.com

Webcastet vil være på engelsk med oversættelse til tysk, spansk, fransk, og italiensk


A Global Economic Miracle or a Collapse of Civilization: Two-tiered Banking System and a Reconstruction Plan for Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa!


The trans-Atlantic financial system is in immediate danger of total disintegration. Ever more hectic and huge rescue packages follow one after another. The very foundation for the existence of peoples, the general welfare, and democracy will be eliminated at the same time — all in the name of "more Europe."

Before this course leads us into chaos and barbarism, the nations of Europe must immediately overthrow the system of hyperinflationary rescue and austerity packages, and instead, begin a reconstruction program financed by state credit. The prerequisite for this is to write off the toxic waste of the banks according to the Glass-Steagall principle, and to implement the separation of the commercial and investment banks.

In the United States the battle for the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall law is reaching a decisive point, and in Europe, the demand for the same action is also becoming ever louder. Helga Zepp-LaRouche and former French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade published an urgent appeal to governments and parliaments on precisely this issue on June 17.

Under a credit system of sovereign nation states, we can realize a new economic miracle in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa, and build up the real economy in all of Europe again. This program, initiated by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, is already circulating in many nations, in the English, German, Greek, Spanish, Italian, and French languages.

The webcast will deal with how to bring about a European alliance for reconstruction and development, which will implement this concept. If you want a future, participate in this dialogue, and mobilize others for it as well! You can send your questions and contributions directly to webcast@bueso.de. Due to international participation, the webcast will be given in English, with German simultaneous translation, as well as Spanish and other languages.