EIR/SI Diplomatic Seminar: Massive Economic Development for the Middle East Instead of the Trigger for WWIII

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The Schiller Institute and Executive Intelligence Review held a diplomatic seminar in Copenhagen on January 22, 2013. The seminar was attended by representatives of eight embassies, and an industry association from Denmark. Videos of the two presentations are below. In keeping with our practice, the discussion was not recorded.  

Part 1: The Middle East is the New Balkans:

We Need a Paradigm Shift to Avoid World War in the Age of Thermonuclear Weapons

Tom Gillesberg is chairman of The Schiller Institute in Denmark, and EIR Copenhagen bureau chief.

Slides: EIR seminar 220113.pptx


A Revolutionary Development Plan for Southwest Asia

Hussein Askary is EIR's Arabic-language editor, The Schiller Institute's Arabic affairs director, leader of a Southwest Asia infrastructure development task force, and chairman of the Swedish European Labor Party (EAP).

Power point presentation link to come later.


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Slides from part 1






Slides from part 2