The Escalating Financial and Strategic Crises

On the Eve of the Obama Presidency


On December 18, 2008, the Executive Intelligence Review and The Schiller Institute in Denmark held a seminar at Frederiksberg Library in Copenhagen for diplomats.


You may read the invitation here.


In order to hear the presentations, and see the slides, simply click on the links below.

(To facilitate an open and frank discussion, the discussion periods were not recorded.





10:00        Welcome


10:10        Tom Gillesberg, head of Copenhagen office of Executive Intelligence Review and chairman of the Schiller Institute in Denmark:


"The Escalating Financial and Strategic Crises On the Eve of the Obama Presidency. Don't let the British lead you on!"



11:10        Diskussion


11:35        Break


11:50        Michelle Rasmussen, Executive Intelligence Review, Schiller Institute:


"Lyndon LaRouche's Science of Physical Economy and New Bretton Woods."


12:20        Discussion.


13:00        End of seminar



Material handed out at seminar:


Executive Intelligence Review December 12, 2008

Executive Intelligence Review December 19, 2008

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Lyndon LaRouche gives press conference
in the European Parliament, Dec. 17, 2008, draft document


Your enemy, George Soros, LaRouche PAC pamphlet



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Copenhagen seminar from September 11, 2008:
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To be held two days after the inauguration of President Barak Obama.