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Who Are The 3 Billion Individuals, Who Are To Be Eliminated?

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, president of The International Schiller Institute, December 13, 2009

The policies of Prince Philip, who, in his own words, wants to be reborn as a deadly virus, in order to be better able to assist in reducing the world’s population by 80%, have now practically been placed on the agenda in Copenhagen. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in its "State of World Population Report 2009," presented at a seminar in Copenhagen on Nov. 18, 2009, makes the same anti-human argument, that global warming can only be reined in by means of a massive reduction of the world population.

On the panel during the presentation of the report, was Roger Martin, the Director of the "Optimum Population Trust" (OPT), which claimed, in a recent study by the London School of Economics, that the cheapest way to solve the so-called crisis of global warming, would be to reduce the world population by 500 million by the year 2050. Various projections show that by 2050, the world population would climb to over 9 billion people. Thus, the proposal to reduce the world population to 6 billion, means the elimination of 3 billion people!

In a March 16, 2009 press release titled "Earth Heading for Five Billion Overpopulation?," the OPT even said, "Based on ecological footprint and biological capacity data which have become available over the last decade, OPT estimates the world’s sustainable population currently at five billion…." In a separate statement, OPT demanded that population reduction be placed at the very top of the agenda in Copenhagen. These numbers are greater, by several orders of magnitude, than those dealt with 60 years ago at the Nuremberg Trials.

The first week of the Conference has shown that the policy of the British Empire is based, as it always has been, on the principle of "Divide and Conquer." China has become its first target, not only because it has assumed the role of the representative of the developing nations. China is being placed under pressure to lower their CO2 emissions, as well as to undergo currency reform, something utterly against China’s interests.

The second apparent objective, has been the attempt to split the unity of the G77, and to do this by taking advantage of the desperate situation in which some member states find themselves, by offering financial incentives. Individual countries known for working with China, have been exposed to reprisals. In addition, the attempt has been made to drive a wedge between so-called "poor" and "emerging" nations.

The pressure being applied to China, India and developing nations, especially, to join in a "binding" agreement on CO2 emissions, is enormous. Great danger lies in the possibility that individual countries in desperate financial condition, might say "yes" to the deals being offered, when they really mean "no." The horrible truth is, that those nations who decide to break with the G77, are signing off on their own destruction.

The Emperor’s New Clothes!

There is a certain irony that it is Copenhagen, the city of that wonderful Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen, where the Emperor’s New Clothes are being negotiated, in the form of purchasing emission rights. First of all, it must be said that the financial sums being offered, for example, from the European Union, are nothing more than ridiculous peanuts, compared with the billions in losses developing nations would incur, should they be restrained from real development by a climate dictatorship, based on scientific fraud. However, seeing as the number of state bankruptcies within the system of Globalization is increasing, the ability of the Empire to actually deliver on promised deals is nonexistent. Every child in Copenhagen can clearly see: the Emperor is completely naked!

Indeed, it is only by understanding that it is against the background of the hopelessly bankrupt financial system, that one can explain how all sorts of strange creatures have the audacity to come crawling out of the woodwork to express their absurd ideas. So, it comes as no surprise, that one of the masters of manipulation by means of rigged computer programming, namely Dennis Meadows, the infamous co-author of "The Limits to Growth," should add his voice to the clamor. It was in this study for the Club of Rome, that Meadows consciously excluded the role of human creativity in defining new raw materials, and, through his intentional manipulation of the public, became an icon of the environmentalist movement. And what wisdom does Meadows offer us today? In an interview with the German magazine Spiegel, he said, "We have to learn to live a life that allows for fulfillment and development with the CO2 emissions of Afghanistan." This begs the question: how much CO2 do opium pipes emit, Mr. Meadows?

But also newspapers, such as the Financial Times, or the Financial Post of Canada, have exposed their proposals for radical family planning, and even a worldwide one-child policy. Shall the future be a world only of old people? No, thanks! The most perverse contribution was definitely that of the German-edition of National Geographic, in an article on the Hadza tribe of Tanzania, a people that today live as hunters and gatherers, just like in the Stone Age. The author writes that the question of sustainability confronts us with "the ever so sober, as well as unavoidable question: can we, indeed, must we not learn from the Hadza?" Are we supposed to go back to a population potential of around 10 million?!

If this Conference in Copenhagen has had any use at all, then at least it has made the genocidal agenda of organizations such as the OPT and the UNFPA, come to the light of day. It is this agenda which must be rejected with full force.

The systemic crisis of Globalization, which is escalating daily, allows for only one useful discussion: how to create a new, just world economic order, in the quickest manner possible. The only realistic proposal, is that put forward by American economist Lyndon LaRouche -- that the four most powerful nations of the planet, namely Russia, China, India, and the USA of Franklin Roosevelt, replace the currently bankrupt monetary system, with a credit system.

President Roosevelt’s intention for the Bretton Woods System, to end colonialism for all time, must now be placed on the agenda!