Gore Gets a Cold Shoulder in Denmark

  Copenhagen, March 14, 2007, by Tom Gillesberg


The Schiller Institute brings their campaign against Al Gore's Global Warming lies to Copenhagen's City Hall Square.

The events of the last days might cause the end of the seemingly warm feelings Al Gore has had for Denmark . It used to be all so nice. The Danish environmental minister, Connie Hedegaard, a huge fan of Al Gore, who has promoted Al Gore’s “convenient lies,” had sent him a personal fan letter, with an invitation to come to Denmark . That’s probably the reason Al Gore was booked to speak in Denmark three times within just two months. A seemingly pleasant way for Gore to earn a quick buck. But that has changed.

 The first appearance of Al Gore, on January 18, already spelled trouble. Of course, the environmental minister was there to great him, together with the Danish ecological establishment, as he spoke in the Circus Building in Copenhagen , but there was also a very vocal bel canto-demonstration by members of the Danish Schiller Institute. They warned against Al “The Clown” Gore, and revealed that the Global Warming-theory was based on lies and hot air. At the same time, the paranoid Al Gore refused to talk with the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, out of fear of being challenged on the validity of his arguments. The Danish TV station, TV2, showed the Schiller Institute’s singing protest, and interviewed Eigil Friis-Christensen from the Danish National Space Center about the fraud of Global Warming.

 When Al Gore returned to Denmark March 6, it was to give a well-paid lecture in Frederikshavn, a small town in Northern Jutland . Michael Gorbachov was also supposed to speak at the event, to a crowd of 2500 high-paying visitors. Shortly before the event, Gorbachov cancelled his participation (on grounds of a sprained leg), and Al Gore was to be the sole speaker, while the guests would get a 50% discount. In order to avoid total embarrassment, the organizers of the conference had to distribute free tickets to the local college youth. Despite the free tickets, almost half of the seats were empty at the event. The paranoid Al Gore had, of course, demanded that no journalists or photographers were present during the event.

                     Then, one week later, on March 13, Al Gore had been “bought in” to be the keynote speaker at a CO2-trading scheme conference called “Carbon Market Insights 2007” in Copenhagen . Once again, Gore had specified in his contract, that no journalists or photographers were to be present during his speech. In an unusual show of press silence, only one Danish newspaper reported that Al Gore was going to speak. Despite the great hush-hush, Al Gore and the conference participants were in for an unexpected treat. At the opening of the conference, members of the Danish Schiller Institute were standing in front of the entrance, with a 5-meter-long banner reading: “LaRouche: Al Gore’s lies lead to genocide”.

                   The Schiller Institute demonstrates against Al Gore outside of the entrance to the Bella Center.

                    The protesters used their bel canto-voices to sing (to the tune of “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean”) ”Al Gore lies about Global Warming. George Bush lied to get us in war. They both get their orders from London. Don’t listen to foolish Al Gore, Bring in ... LaRouche and his Youth” and canons, with text like, “Global Warming is just the latest lie to trick you. Gore gave you George Bush, evil Dick Cheney, Iraq war. Al Gore is a dangerous clown.” At the same time, they distributed an article from Executive Intelligence Review entitled,  “London is spreading Blood and Gore,” on the British hand behind Al Gore, and a leaflet about how Danish scientists from the Danish National Space Center, and a recent documentary shown on British Channel Four, have debunked the Global Warming myth.

                     Most of the participants at the conference were quite happy with the demonstration. They took pictures with cameras and mobile phones, and came up to get the full story. Many commented that they knew that Al Gore was lying. In fact, one Chinese guest left the conference hall to avoid having to hear Al Gores lies. Some participants from Third World countries stated that they had no intention of going along with the Malthusian policy. One American participant burst out: “Is this LaRouche? Is this THE LaRouche? I voted for him last time!” Then, of course, the conference participants did not constitute the usual environmental crowd, but were representatives of investment houses, electrical companies, NGOs, etc., who were intending to earn money on the CO2 swindle, without necessarily believing in it.

                     Al Gore himself skilfully avoided the protesters, by going in through a back entrance, so that he wouldn’t have to face the music. But he no doubt got the message, and it will probably be a while before he pops up on Danish turf again.