Invitation to a very special

Schiller Institute meeting:

The Meltdown of the International Financial and Economic System:

How Could Lyndon LaRouche Know it Would Happen and

LaRouche's Solutions


Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time: 19:00 hours

Special Guest Speaker:

An international leader of the Schiller Institute
from Wiesbaden, Germany (language: English)

Place: Østerbrohuset, Salen, Århusgade 103,  
Copenhagen Ø, just near Nordhavn S-tog station

Free entrance

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(The scheduled webcast with Lyndon LaRouche will be shown at the Schiller Institute office at Sankt Knuds Vej 11, basement left, at Thursday April 30, 2009, at 19:00 hours)


   As forecast by Lyndon LaRouche, the American economist and former Democratic presidential candidate, the international financial system is in the process of melting down, with devastating consequences for the real economy of the world. Production and trade are collapsing, which threaten the very existence of nations and their populations. We are faced with neither a recession nor a depression, but a new dark age.

   Larry Summers, Director of the White House's National Economic Council, has convinced the Obama administration, up until now, to continue the mistaken "bail out the speculators" policy of the Bush administration, with more trillion dollar financial aid packages for the very Wall Street and City of London institutions which led the speculative mania. Under the British leadership of Gordon Brown, the G-20 meeting on April 2 was a complete failure. Unfortunately, President Obama capitulated, and went along with giving more money and power to the International Monetary Fund, which has done so much to destroy the economies of many poor countries, and giving enormous sums of government money to bail out the existing bankrupt speculative-based banking system.

   Yet, a Franklin D. Roosevelt-style solution, which can generate a renaissance of economic growth, and reestablish sovereign national control over national financial systems and economies, has long been proposed by Mr. LaRouche.  Since his July 25, 2007 announcement that the collapse of the financial system was imminent, Mr. LaRouche has called for bankruptcy reorganization of ailing banks, and the system as a whole -- to write off the speculative toxic waste financial instruments, like derivatives, and unpayable loans. Then, nations should generate massive amounts of state credit for modern infrastructure, a revival of domestic production, and bilateral loans to promote economic development in other countries.

   Mr. LaRouche and his international political campaign have been organizing for a four-power agreement, between the U.S., Russia, China and India, to create a New Bretton Woods financial system. This would establish a fixed-exchange-rate credit system among sovereign nations, without the interference from the British Empire faction whose globalization and drug trafficking policies have done so much to destroy nation states. All nations would then be invited to participate.

  While the Obama administration, whose first 100 days in office will end days before the date of our seminar, has been listening to what Mr. LaRouche has to say, as evidenced by the public webcast dialogues LaRouche has had with the Obama transition team, and current economic advisors, Mr. Obama has not yet decided to act accordingly.

  Now, Economics Professor James Galbraith, son of Roosevelt and Kennedy advisor John Kenneth Galbraith, has added his voice to that of LaRouche's, about the mistaken bail-out policy and the wrong economic assumptions behind it. Even the New York Times, on March 28, seconded Mr. LaRouche's call for holding hearings about the causes of the financial collapse, with prosecutorial powers, like the 1932-34 Pecora hearings held during the Roosevelt administration, led by prosecutor Ferdinand Pecora.

   Since the disclosure of big bonuses to executives of the bailed out AIG insurance company became the "straw which broke the camels back," the American population has become increasingly enraged. The good will Mr. Obama had when he assumed the presidency, is now eroding quickly, and his presidency itself is threatened, unless he chooses to listen to the historical echoes of Roosevelt, and Mr. LaRouche's voice today. Mr. LaRouche's American political campaign is organizing those hit hardest by the economic collapse to push President Obama in the LaRouche-FDR direction.

   This meeting is designed to be a forum for discussion of the needed international policy changes. We invite you to come, to discuss these critical issues upon which the future of every nation depends.

   Please send this e-mail to your family, friends and colleagues, and encourage them to attend.



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