- The Musical Offering  

 A Musical Pedagogical Workshop by J.S. Bach,


The Musical Geometry of Bach's Puzzle Canons




By Michelle Rasmussen, The Schiller Institute in Denmark

Author of "Bach, Mozart and the 'Musical Midwife"                              Questions and comments: si@schillerinstitut.dk


Part 1 -- Introduction: Bach presents a Musical Offering

Part 2 -- On the concept of transformation principles in music

Part 3 --Bach's Puzzle Canon Workshop


Canon 1

Canon 2

Canon 3

Canon 4

Canon 5

Canon 6

Canon 7

Canon 8

Canon 9

  Canon 10


Part 4 -- Conclusion


Part 5 -- Epilogue: The case of  Felix Mendelssohn's entry in Hans Christian Andersen's Album


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