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The Anthropogenic Climate Swindle:

Do You Really Want a World Dictatorship?

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, president of The Schiller Institute and chairwoman of the German party Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität, BüSo, December 8, 2009.

The audacity with which a clique of climate-scientists, a majority of the media, and a range of governments are trying to uphold the fairy tale of anthropogenic climate change, even though the recently published e-mails from East Anglia University have totally confirmed the suspicion of innumerable serious scientists that there is no evidence for global warming, is unprecedented.

The reason for this is obvious: The monetarist system of globalization today is in most dimensions more bankrupt than the communist system was in 1989. The British Empire is especially desperate, the crisis in Dubai and other upcoming state bankruptcies make clear that a second wave of insolvencies threatens to pull the whole dilapidated thing into collapse--and this time the financial oligarchy does not assume that the taxpayers in all countries are ready to compensate for their gambling debts, which have been accumulated anew in grand style.

Attempt to get world dictatorship

So, what then is happening in Copenhagen? It is nothing less than an effort to establish a world dictatorship, in which the gambling casino will be funded in a new way, and, moreover, the goal of the long-desired population reduction can be covered up with an environmentalist cloak. Listen to what Lord Monckton had to say in Berlin on December 4:

"The Copenhagen Treaty says that it is going to establish a world government. This has been an ambition of certain bureaucrats, certain political groupings, fascists, freemasons, marxists, for hundreds of years. All these different groups all at once or one after another wanted to achieve world domination. Previously it was thought it might happen by force, by military force. Now they found a way of doing it by what one might call a bureaucratic coup d’etat in the name of saving the planet which doesn’t need to be saved. There is no threat to the climate. They have decided that they can persuade even the free nations of the West to give up their democracy, give up their freedom, and transfer all ultimate economic as well as environmental power to an unelected world government."

"When Sir Maurice Strong first created the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in the UN, he created it not as a scientific body, but as a political entity. He said at the time that he hoped that this would become the nucleus of a world government. The whole idea of world government, according to people like Sir Maurice Strong, is not to trust the people. What they will talk of is that there has been market failure in that the policies and freedom and successes of the free market and of capitalism have led to the poisoning of the planet with CO2, and therefore we need to take democracy away, so that the institutions of democracy, which include the stock markets and companies which flourish best under freedom, all of those will in the future be under the thumb of a tyranny. It won’t seem brutal initially, but it will be extensive. It will stifle freedom in exactly the way that we have already begun to see with the European Union, where there is a European parliament, but it cannot propose legislation. If it decides something, it can be overruled by the commissars. If it wishes to amend legislation, only the commissars, who are unelected, can give it permission. So Europe already has a kind of regional model of what will become a world government with far greater powers even than the EU over the individual nations of the world. It will be a sad day for freedom and democracy if that treaty proceeds at Copenhagen in only a few days’ time."

Climate-gate makes them desperate

"The Climate-gate Affair, the revelation that all the leading scientific institutions and leading scientists around the world have been bending, inventing, fabricating, contriving, altering, hiding and destroying scientific data, will, if anything, put even more pressure on the world leaders who want a dictatorial world government, to act in haste and push it through before too many people find out about Climate-gate. At the moment the mainstream news media have indulged in what might be almost called a conspiracy of silence, not to admit these emails exist, and if they have to admit they exist, as the BBC did one month after receiving them, (but only after other people had mentioned it first), the BBC and most of the news media have still not said what is in these emails. So, the world political leaders who want to create a world government will try, and try really hard, extra hard as a result of Climate-gate, to push it through before it’s too late. Once people find out what you and I know, they will not want any kind of world government, because they would realize the climate is not at risk; that’s always been a fabrication, and those who are using that fabrication to close our liberties down, must not be allowed to get away with it."

"They have certainly destroyed data that had been validly requested under the British FOIA. That is a criminal offense, for which I think the professor in charge of it, and possibly one or two other officials there, including the FOIA-official at the University of East Anglia, will be prosecuted, and they will be heavily fined. I can’t see how they can get out of it, given the very clear content of their emails, one of which is Professor Jones writing to his colleagues all over the world, saying ‘Please, destroy your data, because otherwise we will have to give it to these people.’ That is an outrage, and he must not be allowed to get away with it. I hope that he will be prosecuted, convicted, and fined."

"I think that Prof. Rahmsdorf will be there, I imagine Prof. Schellnuber will be there. I have heard Prof Rahmsdorf’s lecture, and I have noticed in his slides that he never used a peer-reviewed source. He always used a website called; and what is that website? It is the website of this poisonous network of dishonest scientists to which Rahmsdorf and Schellnuber belongs; to which Jones belongs, Hansen and Schmidt of NASA belongs; Tom Karl, who runs the national climatic data center in the United States--all of these people, Kevin Trenberth, who raped the landmark paper in 1997 on the Earth’s Radiation budget--all of these people are connected by these Emails. We have always suspected they were connected, and of course we have never been able to prove it, but now we can. ... I described how at various stages in the previous evolution of the climate scare people had bent, distorted and invented the data, used corrupt mathematical procedures, used incorrect science, deliberately pushed things only in one direction, a false direction towards greater alarm than there should be. There is nothing wrong with the climate, we are having virtually no effect on it, but they wanted to tell another story, for financial reasons because they all got rich on this, ...."

The fact that the majority of German industry adopted environmentalist technology long ago, and obviously intends to remain "market-leaders" in this area which is based on totally false scientific assumptions, changes nothing about the blindness of their members. Listen to what (to offer an exact description) Fred Singer had to say at the same conference in Berlin:

"The final word I have is for those of you who are concerned about Germany and the economy of Germany. I have here something which was put out by the BDI. They accept every bit of nonsense from the IPCC? How is it possible that people who are educated, maybe even have engineering degrees, can go along with this kind of nonsense? They think that perhaps they will benefit from it. They will not! Everybody will lose, everyone here will lose, and it is a shame that these things can happen. I read the names of some of the people: Keitel, Löscher, and Schulz."

The population will lose

"First of all, it is clear that we have no climate problem, and certainly no climate problem that can be tackled by human efforts. The question is: why all this excitement? What is going on? And if you look into it closely, we can see that it is a question of money and power. I’m not into this business, but it is useful for those of you who are in the press or in the media to find out who benefits from all of this and who loses. Well, I can tell you who loses: the population as a whole."

"Now, what is the great disappointment to us from outside of Germany is to see what has happened here in this country when the government changed. We had expected and hoped for a change similar to what has happened, let’s say, in Australia in the last week, when they turned down Cap and Trade, the Emissions Trading System, decisively. We would think the same thing will happen in the United States. Here we find that the Black-Green [CDU-FDP] is following steps that are no different from Red-Green [SPD-Green]; in fact, it’s worse. A 40% cut by 2020? That is ridiculous! It doesn’t make sense."

This monstrous dumbing down of the population must stop. There is only one reasonable theme to be discussed in Copenhagen, namely, how the greatest systemic crisis in the history of mankind can be overcome, how the poverty which cries to heaven, in which more than half of mankind lives, can be overcome.

The only practicable concept for doing that, has been proposed by Lyndon LaRouche, with his Four Power Alliance for a new credit system.

Instead of creating a tax on industrial development through CO2-cap & trade we need LaRouche’s proposal for a credit system to rebuild the whole world economy with modern science and technology. Pictured is the proposed World Land-Bridge with worldwide high speed rail and maglev. Read more on and