Why Hillary Clinton has to become President!

By Feride Istogu Gillesberg, LYM, July 4, 2008


Carl Bernstein, a journalist known mostly known for his coverage of the Watergate scandal, has written the most extensive biography about Hillary Clinton.

After reading Carl Bernstein’s biography, I have gotten a very clear idea about the hell the Clintons went through during Bill Clinton’s presidency.  Hillary and Bill Clinton both have the capacity, like Franklin D. Roosevelt, to bring the USA back to the policy of the general welfare imbedded in the US constitution. This is the why the Wall Street gang destroyed Bill Clinton’s presidency as much as they could, and this why they want to destroy Hillary´s chances to become the next President.

While the majority of teenage girls talked about make-up, Hillary talked about politics, and volunteered to be an astronaut. She got a letter back from NASA stating that they didn’t accept women.  As a 14-year-old girl, Hillary attended Martin Luther King´s speech “Sleeping through the revolution” in Chicago at the Sunday Evening Club. King’s speech opened her eyes to the discrimination taking place in the USA. She found out that black children were the poorest in the nation. Hillary got to meet King two more times. Her teacher, Mr. Jones, her most important mentor during her time at Wellesley high school, had taken his whole class to one of King’s speeches, and, afterwards, gave the children the chance to meet King personally.  Jones’ teaching influenced Hillary very much. His main idea was that through action, one frees one’s soul through doing good deeds.

Hillary was dedicated to fighting for the civil rights movement. Together with Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s future Secretary of Labor, she organized marches and demonstrations at their high school against discrimination, and demanded that more black Americans attend their high school. The discrimination and suffering of black Americans moved her deeply, as did poverty in general, and especially the fate of poor children. She could get tears in her eyes, when telling about what she saw in Africa, India, the slums of Chicago, and the poor countryside of Appalachia.   She supported Martin Luther King´s non-violent philosophy, and adopted it has as her method, during the whole 68-uproar.  When Martin Luther King was assassinated, and the Vietnam war started, she played a crucial role as a student leader to make sure that King’s method continued to live on in those critical times, since violent riots, demonstrations, and confrontations with the police were spreading all over the US. Four students were even shot by the police at Kent State University in Ohio. Hillary organized hearings and debates to protest the war.

Hillary studied law at Yale University, where Robert Reich introduced Hillary and Bill to each other for the first time in 1970. She wanted to use law to serve the people, especially the poor and children. She wanted to be the defender of USA´s children, and had the thought that as children belong to the whole society, all are responsible for them. Already before Bill and Hillary met, they had independently developed a sense of mission for their lives, and were therefore involved in politics. Both were active in the Eugene McCarthy presidential campaign. Hillary and Bill loved campaigning, and had tremendous inner drive. Both shared the view that, together, they have to make a difference in the world. Already then, Hillary said that Bill would become president.

What she saw in Bill is still true today. As described in the biography, Bill spends a lot of time worrying about different problems in the world, and tries to find solutions. Bill is the kind of person who reads everything he can get his hands on. He gets excited about ideas, which is why he can talk about Thomas Aquinas or Erasmus in a conversation.  He has a tremendous curiosity for new ideas, especially in politics and economics.

On the other side, Bill also admired Hillary, he said, “Hillary has the best mind, I know of.” Bill and Hillary saw a big potential in each other, and by being together, they inspired each other to do more good for the world. A good friend of the Clinton’s said about them, “…together they are strong, they are both some of the most passionate people that I have met. They passionately love, discuss, read and lead.”

A good example of their leadership, and their commitment to fight for the general welfare, was Bill‘s election campaign and governorship in Arkansas. They both fought for addressing the problems of normal people. Bill gave a speech underlining the real problems“…the truth is that during the last 10 years …the economic system has collapsed. We have had high inflation, unemployment, a big deficit, and, as a reaction to this development, a growing amount of people have withdrawn from society. Another threatening and growing amount of people have gone into special interest, or elite policy, which is sucking the last drop of blood out of our political system”. Bill simply went from door to door to rally the normal hardworking people, which won him the election.


The War against the Clinton Administration

The sane people who lived after the World War II said “Hitler -- Never Again!” and politically sick people like Daniel Patrick Moynihan said never again to a Franklin D. Roosevelt policy.  Moynihan personally tried to make sure that Lyndon LaRouche, the leading American statesman and economist, who had been a Democratic presidential candidate since 1980, would never play a leading role in the Democratic Party or come close to political influence, because, since the late sixties, he has been active in building a political movement to bring the USA back to the policy of FDR and the American constitution. The same Patrick Moynihan knew that Bill Clinton had the potential to act like an FDR – to serve the general welfare of the American people, rather than the special interests of Wall Street. This is the reason why this group wanted to destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton from the first day after Bill won the presidential election.

Patrick Moynihan and billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife created a secret operation which would be known as the “Arkansas-project,” to destroy Bill’s presidency. Scaife spent 2.4 million dollars to finance hateful articles against the Clintons. Financier Peter Smith from Chicago, who worked for Newt Gingrich, financed David Brock to slander the Clintons. Brock said later “I was a conservative hit man,” and admitted that his stories about Hillary and Bill were distorted on purpose.

As described in the book, Hillary’s work to prepare legislation to provide healthcare for everyone, showed her commitment to the general welfare, and also became a source of hostility from financial circles.  


The war against the White House

An example of the spirit of Bill Clinton in acting for the interests of the American people can be seen in his inauguration speech “This beautiful capital… a place for intrigues …Powerful people try to put themselves into positions…and are keeping themselves busy with who is in and who is out, who is up and who is down, and they forget the people who worked so hard to open the doors for them to come here. Let us decide to improve our policy so that power and special interests no longer deafen the voice of the people”.

The press was set up to spread deadly poison against the new administration from day one. The first thing the media created a hype about was that the Clintons wanted to replace the staff members of the White House´s airline company, writing that the Clintons had something criminal to hide. The Congress, under Newt Gingrich, an opponent of the Roosevelt tradition, made sure that hearings were set up to investigate criminal activities in the White House. White House lawyer Vince Foster, Hillary’s very good friend, was responsible for this case.  He had previously been Hillary’s boss in the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas. Foster couldn´t take the pressure of the media attacks, and the hateful atmosphere in Washington. Unfortunately, he ended up committing suicide. Foster´s death hit Hillary very hard. Immediately the press went out with the story that Hillary and Bill were behind his death.

Also, since papers had been removed concerning real estate investments in the 80ies, an investigation was launched into whether Hillary and Bill had committed any criminal acts involving these investments, which became known as the White Water-gate scandal. The Congress appointed a special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, to investigate. It was like the White House was invaded. Under Starr, Hillary Clinton became the first First Lady in the history of the USA to testify before a Grand Jury. She had to fight for her political life, as Kenneth Starr was out to destroy her and Bill. There were many weeks and months during which they did not know what terrible things would lay ahead. Starr put Susan McDouglas, the wife of Hillary´s good friend, into prison for refusing to testify. She was punished for contempt of the court.

The tactic was to create so much emotional confusion that neither Hillary nor Bill could act politically in the real world. Soon after Clinton got reelected, the anti-Clinton faction became determined to make sure that the second term would be paralyzed. Now Bill was the main target, who had to be destroyed before he could put his proposal for building a “new financial architecture” into effect. With the breakdown of the Asian tiger economies, the collapse of the world financial system was unfolding.  Lyndon LaRouche proposed creating a New Bretton Woods System, to reorganize the financial system and get the economies back to a long term investment policy for industrial production for the USA, and the rest of the world. In Robert Reich’s book “Locked in the Cabinet,” he stated that in the event of a national crisis, Bill Clinton would act as FDR. This, then, was the time for Bill Clinton to take FDR-style leadership, which he was willing to do, but that was sabotaged by the impeachment process around the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Hillary knew that it was not an accident that he Bill was targeted whenever he was about to live up to his responsibility towards the American people. The method was to go after Bill’s weakness, as Hillary and Bill knew they would.


Hillary - A statesman and fighter

Hillary has shown a capacity of leadership which is crucial in the times ahead. She went through hell during her husband´s Presidency.  When the truth about the Monica Lewinsky affair came out, she went through a hard emotional fight, yet she rose over her emotional pain. At the beginning, she said that she had not yet decided “to fight for her husband and marriage, but I have strongly decided to fight for my President”. She stood over the situation and mobilized to save the Presidency. She was going after, as she called it “the rightwing conspiracy,” out to destroy everything Bill had tried to accomplish all his life. These people want to impeach the President. It is important for the nation that they are not victorious.

Hillary kept mobilizing the population. She addressed students at the University of Austin about the cultural decay of the times, which actually reflects her capacity as stateswomen.  Hillary started out by asking “Who should lead us out of this vacuum? That shall be done by all of us. Changes of society don´t only depend on the change in government… It demands that each and every one of us contribute to redefine what our life is and what it is supposed to be. This is what this administration, this President is striving for.”  

Hillary is defiantly a leader, a real fighter with beautiful a character strength -- her passion for her people and her nation. Hillary, herself, definitely has the potential to become a new Roosevelt. She has already adopted one part of the Roosevelt couple as a part of herself -- Eleanor Roosevelt, whom she loves, admires and is inspired by.


The election is not settled yet! 

After Hillary’s retreat from the presidential race, Lyndon LaRouche put out a statement saying that the nomination of the Democratic candidate is not yet settled. Many things can happen up until the convention. The LaRouche campaign is right now exposing the coup d’état, which George Soros is driving against Hillary by helping to finance Barak Obama. LaRouche said that Hillary Clinton’s deeds prove that she is best qualified to be the next President of the USA. After reading this biography, and gaining a deeper insight into Hillary’s character, I can see more clearly why LaRouche said this.

During the current campaign, she has given leadership to the American people by addressing the economic breakdown crisis, and by mobilizing citizens from the lower 80% of the income brackets. She has committed herself to fight for the general welfare of the people, in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The financial oligarchy knows that. That is why they are going to do everything in their power to try to prevent a new Clinton from coming into the White House. But the days of George Soros and the special interests of Wall Street and the City of London are counted. Their system is collapsing now, and, more and more, Obama is going to expose himself as wearing no clothes.

As during the Democratic Party Convention of 1932, when, after a big political brawl, the delegates made the crucial decision to chose FDR as their candidate, this time, the Democratic Party ought to hold an open convention, and chose Hillary as the best candidate for accomplishing the challenging tasks ahead. By uniting the greatest American mind of our time, Lyndon LaRouche, with Hillary Clinton, her constituency, and everyone who is beginning to understand what is at stake, together, we can make sure that the tradition of the founding fathers wins this presidential campaign. Then, Hillary can listen to LaRouche´s wise words and put Wall Street into bankruptcy reorganization and build a New Deal! Through this we can bring the union home to Lincoln´s spirit of having a government made up of the people, by the people, and for the people.


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